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Thursday November 27th 2008

Day 12 of the site being live

NUMBER ONE, Yahoo Search , MSN Live Search

NUMBER THREE , Google Search



Wednesday November 19th 2008,

Day 4 of the site being live

oswaldrivera dot com is Number ONE in MSN Live Search

( Results: Number 1 out of 94,600 worldwide websites ... for Oswald Rivera .. Search )


Monday November 17th 2008,

Day 2 of the site being live

Owner Oswald Rivera weighs in with his opinion of his BRAND NEW Web Site:

"My friend, you are a genius .... the website is great .... I LOVE IT ! .... I think it is fantastic."

Webmaster Jesse Larocque (hard drive doctor) .. breaths a sigh .. of relief


Reviews so Far:


Nice site. And he looks like a very interesting guy. Jim W

Mr.. Rivera seems like quite a character. Congratulations on a job well done! Greg S

Looks great , Todd H

Nice job! , Vera L S

That's great Jesse! You did an awesome job on the website. Robin L

I'm impressed!
Oswald Rivera will be IMPRESSED, and very HAPPY! .. Suzanne T

I really like the web site .......I especially liked the videos you added!
It really educates you on the different styles and Jet Li must have been a little kid in that one video! ,lol , Suzanne T (Second review)

Awesome job, Looks great, Darcy B

To be honest, i had no idea who this person was until i found the link, and now I'm interested in his books, Jaci L

Site really looks good, nice job, Robert H

Wow, it looks clean and nice, next time I need a website done, I am calling you , Hart B


Very nice jesse, looking good . Andrew Laf


Clean web site that flows nicely. Great info with good graphics and video. Cudos on an impressive production. Terry G


WOW very nice job Jesse ,thanks for sharing!!! Marcia M


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